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Long before there was The Boy Who Lived there was The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. Peter Pan has been a part of our lives and childhood stories since 1902. Since that time he has been seen in books, plays, and movies.

Did you know that author J.M. Barrie never described how Peter looks? The most we know is that Peter has a beautiful smile and still has his baby teeth. Otherwise, readers of her stories are left to interpret his looks ourselves.

Today, people are most likely to picture Peter Pan dressed in a green top and pants, brown belt and shoes, and a green hat with a red feather in it. This image comes courtesy of Disney's 1953 adaptation of the Peter Pan stories.

Most people do not know that the inspiration for Peter Pan came from J.M. Barrie's older brother. Sadly, he died the day before his 14th birthday, so he was truly was the boy who wouldn't grow up. He was forever young in the memory of Barrie and their mother.

Costumes For Men

The Peter Pan costumes for men come in two colors. One is a lighter shade of green, the other is darker. The lighter costume includes green tights, while the darker one includes brown pants. Both come with belts and hats.

Peter Pan costume for men

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Costumes For Women

A woman dressing up as Peter Pan is nothing new. The stage productions of Peter Pan have had women playing the role of Peter as far back as the very first production in 1904. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to me that women today enjoy dressing up as the playful boy who can't grow up.

Peter Pan costume for women

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Costumes For Children

Just like the costumes for women, the selection for children is better than for adult men. Boys and girls can choose from a variety of styles, each with a different shade of green. Any image that you click on will take you to Amazon where you can see all the costumes for boys.

Peter Pan costume for kids

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