Pickle Rick Costume

A Pickle Rick costume is the ultimate outfit for those of you who want to get out of doing something you don't like!

Are you looking for a way to get out of family counseling or any other event that you don't want to go to? Then turn yourself into a green gherkin! You can do this with a Pickle Rick costume and I'll show you what you need.

Rick is one of the main characters from the cartoon Rick And Morty. He likes to do things his way, which doesn't always turn out how he expected. Rick didn't want to go to family counseling so decided to change himself into a pickle to get out of going. Mind you, he could have broken his leg at an inopportune moment, or gone on a short vacation, but, no, his genius mind decided that turning into a vegetable was the only way out.

It didn't take him long to realize what a bad idea this was and Rick had to get very creative to return to human form. Along the way he learned that cats really do fear cucumbers, that the sun is a pickle's greatest fear, and that too much rain can be draining. Get it? Draining? Never mind. I'll go back to the topic at hand, a costume based on Rick's fear of therapy...

Pickle Costume

When Rick turned himself into a pickle he was exactly that, a pickle. No legs, no arms, but he did have a face and was able to talk. Fortunately for you, when you wear a pickle costume you won't have to wait to be rolled around because you can still walk. Be sure to say, "I'm Pickle Rick!" every now and then, just to make sure people know you were brilliant enough to do what no one else can do.

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Green Long Sleeved Shirt

You can add a green shirt that has long sleeves to help camouflage your arms in the pickle suit. Look for a green that closely matches the color of the costume that you get. It doesn't matter if there is a design on the front because it will be hidden.

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Cockroach Costume

At one point Pickle Rick was able to manipulate a dead roach's body to help him kill a rat. You can add cockroach arms and antennas to your pickle for a different take on this costume (wow! that's a sentence I never thought I'd write!). It would take some effort to do this but the payoff would be an amazing take on Pickle Rick.

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Anatomy Man Costume

You can wear an anatomy bodysuit instead of a green shirt under the pickle outfit. Why? Because Rick used the roach's body to kill a rat and then he used the rat's body to get out of the sewer and into a government agency building where he proceeds to kill just about everyone with weapons made from office supplies. So having arms and legs that show muscle would be a good replica of how Rick looked when he used the rat's body. The mask is optional, so it's up to you if you'd want to wear the mask since Rick's face was still a pickle face.

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