Pippi Longstocking Costume

Pippi Longstocking is a character created by author Astrid Lindgren. She got her name from Karin, Lindgren’s daughter, who wanted her mother to tell her a story when she wasn’t feeling well one day. The character has appeared in a number of films and television shows, but the original Pippi Longstocking book was released as a book in 1945.

Though Pippi never had a formal education, she is good at many other things. She is able to take care of the household chores, like cooking and cleaning, and even cares for her many pets.

Pippi is known for a being a nice girl with a naughty or unruly side. People feel that she has no manners and cannot properly function in society, mainly because she used to live on a boat. You can show off your inner wild child with a Pippi Longstocking costume.

Pippi Longstocking Costume

There are several different costume styles for Pippi Longstocking, so you can choose the look that you think best fits the spirit of Pippi for both children and women. Some of the costumes include a wig and socks, others do not. Make sure you check to see what else you might need to complete your Pippi outfit.

Pippi Longstocking costume for girls

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Pippi has long, red hair that she wears in two braids. Like so much of Pippi, her hair is quite unusual in that the braids defy gravity. Instead of hanging down like normal braids do, they flip up! No Pippi costume is complete without her crazy hair.

Pippi Longstocking wig

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Striped Socks

Pippi does not have a very good sense of fashion, but she doesn’t care. She wears what she likes, and what she likes are striped socks that go up to her knees. Don’t worry if your socks don’t match your costume. Being mismatched is a perfect look for Pippi!

Striped socks for a Pippi Longstocking costume

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Pippi's Pet Monkey

Pippi loves animals and has several unusual pets. You can easily add Pippi’s pet monkey, named Mr. Nilsson, to your costume by hanging a plush monkey around your neck. There are plenty of hanging monkeys for you to choose from. You can even try to match a monkey to whatever color your costume is!

Pippi's pet monkey

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Video Tutorial For Creating Pippi's Hair

This tutorial will show you how to do your hair without needing a wig for your Pippi Longstocking costume. Don't forget to add freckles when you are done with your hair.