Belle Costume

What girl doesn’t dream of spending an enchanted evening dressed up as her favorite Disney princess? This Halloween, make her dreams come true with a Princess Belle costume.

The story of Beauty and the Beast was first told as a fairy tale during the 1740’s. In the 1940’s, an adaptation named the Beauty “Belle” and it was this change that Disney used in its 1991 blockbuster movie. It is considered one of the Walt Disney Company’s classic animated films, both for its success at the box office and its animated artistry.

It was decided that they would make Belle a bit of a nerd so that she would be mostly unaware of how beautiful she was until the end of the movie, when Beauty's Beast also realizes this. This makes her an especially charming character, and it is no wonder that so many girls look up to her. This Halloween, you or your daughter can join in on the fun with a Princess Belle costume.

Ball Gowns For Girls

There are many variations on Belle's gorgeous ball gown, and what you see below is just one style. It was in this yellow dress that the Beast finally realized that he had fallen in love with Belle.

Belle ball gown for girls

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Ball Gowns For Women

There are gowns for women, too. There are very different interpretations of what Belle's ball gown should look like, with some being traditional, some sexy, and others in between. This means there is a dress to fit your personality, no matter what it is.

Belle ball gown for women

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Yellow Gloves

If you are wearing a yellow ball gown then you will need to complete your look with yellow opera gloves.

Yellow gloves for a Belle costume

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Peasant Dress

When you think of Belle you probably imagine her in her yellow ball gown. But Belle wore a blue peasant dress with a white apron for most of the Beauty and the Beast movie.

Blue peasant dress for a Belle costume

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Red Winter Gown

Belle actually had a third look - a red gown that she wore in a Christmas special that took place before the Beast was transformed back into a human. This is from Belle's first Christmas with the Beast.

Belle's red winter dress

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Belle was a beauty, both inside and out, and that included her hair. She had long brown locks that were usually straight but looked curled when she dressed up in her breathtaking yellow ball gown. There are wigs for girls and women.

Belle wig for girls

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Belle wig for women

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