Princess Peach Costume

Poor Princess Peach, she just can't catch a break! No matter how many times she is rescued by Mario the plumber, she continues to be kidnapped by Bowser. What is it with that guy?

Princess Peach has been the damsel in distress in the Mario video games since 1985. She is often Mario's sweetheart, but not always. But the one consistent aspect of Peach is her need to be rescued.

We may all have different goals in life today - raising families, earning money, completing college - but twenty years ago we were aiming for the same thing: saving Princess Peach from Bowser in Super Mario. This Halloween, wear a Princess Peach costume to show everyone that you met your goal and grew up to be a successful and happy princess.

Princess Peach Costumes For Girls

You grew up playing Super Mario video games, and now your daughter is doing the same. She’s your little princess, and now she can show the world the royalty that she is with Princess Peach Child Costume.

Princess Peach costume for girls

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Princess Peach Costume For Women

Whether you like your princess sassy or traditional, there is a costume just for you. Dresses can be traditional, sexy, or somewhere in between.

Princess Peach costume for women

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Princess Crown

Most costumes come with a crown but you can buy a crown if need one. Some crowns also include Peach's brooch and/or her gloves.

Crown for a Princess Peach costume

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White Gloves

As with any proper princess, Peach wouldn't dream of being without her long, white gloves. The gloves worn by Peach differ from traditional opera gloves in that they come to a triangular point at the open end of each glove.

White gloves for a Princess Peach costume

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