Purple Halloween Lights

Forget traditional lights when you decorate your home for Halloween. Purple Halloween lights are just the thing needed to create a ooky, spooky mood!

I have to admit that I had no idea just how many different types of purple lights there are before I wrote this page. Sure, I knew there were purple string lights and light bulbs, but I was delighted to see that there are also flood lights, tea lights, and even icicle lights! There is sure to be purple lighting for any place within your home.

Sure, we all know about decorating with lights at Christmas time. Just don't tell Christmas that you can do much the same decorating at Halloween! You can even synchronize your outdoor Halloween lights to music, just like people do with outdoor Christmas decorations. There's a video below that is an excellent example of this type of decorating.

There's no need to limit your creativity to just purple lights. You can easily mix purple lights with orange lights to really set the Halloween mood around your home.

Purple String Lights

String lights are incredibly versatile. You can place them pretty much anywhere you have electrical outlets. Use purple string lights to decorate indoors, such as around mirrors, doors, and windows, or outdoors, such as around poles and columns, lamp posts, or trees and bushes. Some use batteries, such as the ones you see here, while others plug into an electrical outlet.

Purple string lights

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Purple Flood Lights

Flood lights are great for flooding an area with bright light (hence the name "flood" light). At the beginning of October you can remove your boring white flood light and replace it with a wonderfully creepy purple light to drape your backyard or driveway in eery purplish light.

Purple flood light

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Purple Tea Lights

Battery operated purple tea lights are a wonderful alternative to real candles. You can use these tea lights pretty much anywhere. They are waterproof so you can even submerge them in a bucket full of ice or water filled with apples! There"s no fire hazard, they are waterproof, and you can use them year after year. What could be better?

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Purple Rope Lights

Rope lights are popular year round for outdoor decorating because they are excellent at withstanding the elements. Add a creepy look to your trees or any columns you may have outside your home by wrapping purple rope light around them.

Purple rope lights

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Purple Light Bulbs

The bulb in any lamp in your home can be replaced with a purple light bulb. You may not want to do this throughout your entire home or it will be dismally dark, but well placed purple bulbs will cast just the right ambience in a room.

Purple light bulb

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Purple Icicle Lights

If you put up icicle lights at Christmas then you will be perfectly comfortable putting up these purple icicle lights at Halloween. You can choose from all purple, or a mix of purple and orange lights.

Purple icicle lights

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