Putting the Final Touches on a Jack Sparrow Costume

Once you have your belts and sash on, it is time to put on your baldric which hangs from your right shoulder down to your left hip. The problem with these is they tend to slip quite a bit.

Place the baldric along the top of your vest, under the collar and under the sash loop at the bottom.

Take a small piece of leather and attach some Velcro. Pull the piece of leather under the black belt and over the baldric under the sash loop and use the Velcro to secure it, this will keep it in place and hidden.

By now you should be looking like Jack Sparrow and are missing a few small pieces which are quick and easy to attach.

Tie your compass to your Anna Marie belt and place it just in front of your sash on your left hand side. Place your gun or pistol under your belt on the right hand side, just in front of your pelts.

Your palm glove will go on your right hand, when tying it allow some strings to hang, this is how it is done in the movie and gives it a messy look. Once that is in place, tie your wrist strap around your right wrist. Allow the strings from your wrist wrap to also hang, also giving it the messy look.

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You will tie your lace to you left wrist, with your pieces hanging.

You are now ready for the final touch, your rings. Jack Sparrow wears four distinct wrings, two on each hand.

Place your skull ring on your right pointer finger and your flower ring on your right hand ring finger. On the left hand you will have your dragon ring on your thumb and your stolen or purple ring on your pointer finger.