Richie Lucille Costume

Are you looking for a Richie Lucille costume? There are no official costumes but the good news is that you can easily put together your own costume. The items listed below will transform any little girl into Lucille!

Lucille is a girl in the same class as Junie B. Jones. June and Lucille were friends in Kindergarten, but Lucille ditched Junie in the first grade in favor of two new friends named Camille and Chenille. She was given the nickname of “Richie Lucille” by Junie because Lucille comes from a rich family and loves money as well as anything that costs a lot of money.


Lucille’s favorite color is pink so the best color for a dress to choose for a Lucille costume is pink. However, she also loves frilly dresses so if you find a dress that isn’t pink but is frilly and girly then that will work, too.

Color is not the only thing to consider when looking at a dress. The best type of dress will have a skirt with lots of fluff. Consider a dress that has lots of ruffles on the skirt or add a slip with a petticoat.​

Pink dress for a Richie Lucille costume

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​A frilly dress is a good start but it is not enough. Lacey socks are also needed for a Richie Lucille outfit. The lacier the socks are, the better!

The socks can be whatever height you like. Ankle socks or knee high will work just fine, as long as they are clearly girly socks that will match the dress you choose.

Fancy socks for a Richie Lucille costume

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Don’t forget to add pink, fancy shoes! There are plenty of pretty pink shoes for girls to choose from.

From bows and sequins to ballet flats and mary janes, you are sure to find the perfect pair of shoes that will clarify that your costume is of a girl who has exquisite taste in her clothes!​

Fancy pink shoes for a Richie Lucille costume

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Lucille comes from a very wealthy family so it would make sense to have your version of Richie Lucille wear jewelry. But not just any jewelry.

There are a nice variety of money sign necklaces on Amazon that are also very feminine. You are sure to find a necklace that incorporates Lucy’s love of money with her love of pink, girly things.​


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Little girls love to carry purses because it makes them feel like grown ups and there is no doubt that Lucille loves them, too. It would be very appropriate to add a purse to your costume. As to what type of purse, make sure it looks girly and possibly frilly.

There are a lot of different kinds of purses for you to choose from. Some can be worn on or across the shoulder, while others can be carried by short straps.​

Fancy pink purse for a Richie Lucille costume

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Nail Polish

Lucille wouldn’t dream of being seen without pink nail polish! Put the finishing touches on your costume by making sure that pink nail polish is part of your Lucille costume.

It doesn’t matter if the nail polish is flat, sparkly, or shiny, just as long as it is pink. Really, really pink.​

Pink nail polish

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