Ron Burgundy Costume

If you want to dress up in a Ron Burgundy costume to look like everyone’s favorite anchorman, then check out what I have found here! Ron Burgundy is a man who is stuck in the 70s. Okay, to be fair, he is in the 70s. From his polyester suit to his adult film star mustache, Ron is a lady’s man. At least, that’s what he thinks.

Ron thinks much more highly of himself than the women who surround him, and are almost always smarter than he is. The trick to dressing like Ron Burgundy is to look like you just walked out of the 1970s, because he did. Fortunately, there are costumes that will help you achieve this look.

Burgundy Dress Suit

Ron was inspired by his sir name to dress in, yes, burgundy! Therefore, if you want to look like this hapless anchorman, then you also need to dress in burgundy. You can choose a complete dress suit that has matching pants and jacket or just the jacket. A simple white shirt underneath will be just fine.

Ron Burgundy costume suit

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You will need a tie to go with your Ron Burgundy suit. The tie you see here is a great match because it has a seriously 70s vibe to it, but just make sure yours has stripes.

Striped tie for a Ron Burgundy costume

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If you want to be even more accurate to Ron’s character, you can wear a burgundy suit jacket and khaki shorts. Fashionable? Not exactly. Comical? Definitely!

Khaki shorts for a Ron Burgundy costume

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Can you guess what color your socks will need to be? If you said blue or black, you are being sent to the back of the class. If you said burgundy, then you get a gold star! Well, actually, Ron wore black socks, but I like burgundy better, so that’s what I’ve listed here. In fact, I found these awesome burgundy socks that have yellow mustaches on them. I’m pretty sure that Ron would approve!

Socks for a Ron Burgundy costume

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The shoes worn by Ron can be pretty much anything that you want. As you can tell from the official Ron Burgundy costume, Ron is much more concerned with how the upper part of his body looks than the lower. You can have fun with your shoes. Most people wear white loafers with their Ron Burgundy outfits like these.

White patent leather shoes for a Ron Burgundy costume

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Orange Robe

Do you remember when Ron tried to pick up a woman for a night of, um, fun? He was dressed in a tacky orange robe. Although there is no such robe for sale, there are several orange robes that would work just as well. If you want to make your robe look even more authentic, sew a strip of white material around the neckline and a white belt. See the video below for a better idea of what I’m talking about. If you prefer brown, I think that would be 70s enough to also work. FYI – If you feel silly walking around in a robe, just remember that Ron thought it was perfectly acceptable attire for a cocktail party.

Orange bathrobe for a Ron Burgundy costume

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Wig And Mustache

As I’ve already said, Ron Burgundy fancies himself a lady’s man. I don’t know this for sure, but I suspect his movie hero is Burt Reynolds. If you purchase the costume listed above, you will not need to buy a wig and mustache, because the outfit comes with these. But if you are putting together your own outfit, you will need to buy them. Lovely, isn’t it?

Wig and mustache for a Ron Burgundy costume

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Video of Ron Burgundy Trying to Pick Up a Woman

Ron isn’t nearly as charming with the women as he thinks he is. Watch this video for proof of that fact.

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