Sally Costume

Poor Sally! All she wants is for Jack Skellington of Halloween Town to notice her, and realize that she is in love with him. But Jack is too busy planning how he can take over Christmas Town to see Sally.

Sally is much too shy to tell Jack about her feelings for him. Instead, she waits patiently for the day he turns his eye to her. There are times when Sally wonders if that day will ever come. By the end of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas it appears that this day finally comes, and we are left to hope that they marry and have four or five little skeleton children.

This film was an instant classic when it was released back in 1993. The kids who loved it back then are all grown up now, but the Halloween Town experts at Amazon have a wide selection of Sally costumes for those who want to relive the movie’s magic.

Sally Costumes For Babies

The Sally costume for babies that is simply adorable! The dress has a black tutu on the skirt, and is patterned after Sally's rag-tag dress. There is also a headband included that has Sally's red hair attached to it.

Sally costume for babies

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Sally Costumes For Women

There are several different Sally costumes for women. You can choose a costume with a long dress like the one worn by Sally in the movie, or shorter styles that are a bit more sassy. Just about every costume includes gloves with stitch patterns on them and a red wig.

Sally costume for women

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Sally has very long, very red hair. Most costumes include wigs, but take a look at these wigs if you would prefer a more realistic look to Sally's hair.

Red wig for a Sally costume

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If you look closely at Sally's face you will see that she has very long and gorgeous eyelashes. Since it is unlikely that you are blessed with eyelashes as long as Sally's I've included fake long eyelashes that you can wear to achieve her look.

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It is common for Sally to fall apart and when this happens she promptly sews herself back together. It is because of this that Sally has stitch marks on her face. You can add realistic stitches to your face with the sticker packs seen below. Be aware that there are TWO different packs. One is for the stitches on the mouth, and the other is for stitches on the eyes and neck.

Stitches for a Sally costume

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There is one pair of tights that is perfect for your Sally costume because they have stitches all over them!

Stiches tights for a Sally costume

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The shoes worn by Sally in the movie look like granny boots. There are a lot of different granny boots so you have a lot of leeway when it comes to chose the right boots for your Sally outfit.

Black boots for a Sally costume

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