Slimer Costume

Sure, the Ghostbusters team is fun and funny, but it's Slimer who often steals the show! He's big. He's green. And he likes to eat hot dogs. Lots and lots of hot dogs!

The Ghostbusters aren't afraid of Slimer. Are you? If not, wear a Slimer costume and have fun chasing after each person you see. If your journeys should take you past a hot dog cart, you might want to do your best to resist the call of the yummy, tantalizingly delicious treats. Candy is a much better option on Halloween as you trick-or-treat as everyone's favorite ghost.


There are two Slimer costumes - one for adults and one for children. They are identical in all aspects except for size. Each costume has a fan inside that inflates the costume. The fan funs on AA batteries, which are not included. You also get as green sleeves, green gloves, and a headpiece that has eye slots for you to see.

Slimer costume

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If you prefer, instead of a full-body costume you can wear a Slimer headpiece. The piece is very well done, and when you wear it you will look like Slimer ate you. Imaging the fun you will have walking around and telling people, "I've been slimed, Ray!"

Slimer headpiece

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