Snow White Costume

Ah, Snow White! She is trusting to a fault (and almost to her demise), helpful and kind, and knows that true love is out there somewhere waiting to find her. Fortunately for her, true love does, in fact, find her, and saves her from an endless sleep.

The classic Snow White costume is fit for a princess, and it comes as no surprise that many young girls long to dress as Snow White for Halloween, or for dress up. Costumes for Snow White can be classic or Sassy.

It doesn't matter what age you are if you want a Snow White costume. There are plenty of dresses for babies, children, and adults.

Snow White Costumes For Babies And Toddlers

These costumes for babies and toddlers are too cute! They are royal dresses fit for young princesses.

Snow White costume for babies and toddlers

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Snow White Costumes For Girls

There is a wide assortment of gowns for girls. Some have short skirts, others long, but all are worthy of a princess!

Snow White costume for girls

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Snow White Costumes For Women

There are a lot of different Snow White costumes for women. Some are a classic look, some are modern, and others are a sexy, sassy take on Snow White.

There are also cosplay costumes available that are made from better materials than traditional costumes, and often have much more detail. If Some of the cosplay costumes are custom made to your specific size. Choose a cosplay costume if you want a costume that will last for years and doesn't look like the mass produced costumes.

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Snow White And The Huntsman Costumes

The story of Snow White was re-envisioned in the 2012 movie, Snow White and the Hunstman. This was no sweet and fun movie. It was dark, with a gothic feeling to it. There is a costume for this version of Snow White that shows that she was much fully capable of taking care of herself, which was pretty much the opposite of the Disney vision of Snow.

Snow White and the Huntsman costume for women

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Despire her name, Snow White has dark, shoulder length hair. You can wear a wig if your hair doesn't fit this description. Most of the wigs for children and adults include Snow's signature red bow.

Snow White wig for girls

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Snow White wig for women

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Snow White usually wears a red bow in her hair, but don't let that stop you if you'd rather wear a pretty tiara!

Snow White tiara

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Red Cape

The dress worn by Snow White has a red cape attached to it. Some costumes include a cape, but most do not. There are a lot of different styles for you to choose from, including hooded, no hood, short, floor length, a large collar, for children, for adults, plain, or beautiful.

Red cloak for a Snow White costume

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Red cloak for a women's Snow White costume

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Opting for a dress with a short skirt? Then show off your legs with sexy thigh highs! I love this particular style because it has a sequin apple at the top of each leg. How perfect is that?

Apple thigh high tights

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The shoe color that would work best with a Snow White costume is red, to match the colors of the dress you wear, though you could also go with blue or yellow. The image on the left will show you the shoes for girls, while the image on the right will show you shoes for women. There are literally thousands of red shoes to choose from, so have fun picking the perfect shoes for your look.

Snow White shoes for girls

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Red heels for an adult Snow White costume

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Last, but certainly not least, is the apple. Snow White was almost done in after taking a bit from a luscious red apple. Don't forget to carry one around with you, but avoid the temptation to take a bite, lest you slumber peacefully until your true love awakens you with a kiss!

Red apple for a Snow White costume

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Other Snow White Costumes