Stick Figure Costume

There are several different options if you want to dress up in a stick figure costume. Most use lights, and there are costumes for both adults and kids.

A stick figure costume is a fun way to dress up as an easily recognizable character. Mr. Stick Man is nothing more than a few lines but the meaning is very clear - it represents a person in a minimal way.

There are not very many costumes but the few I found are clever and unique. Additionally, they are all different from each other.

All but one uses lighting to achieve the effect of a person drawn from lines, and one is even interactive, allowing you to decide how the outfit will look.

I was surprised that children are represented. You could have a lot of fun creating a family of stick people as you go out trick-or-treating this Halloween!

Light Up Stick Figure With Glasses Costume

All you need to replicate this look is this costume kit. It's easy! Clip the lights and glasses onto your own clothes and you'll all that will be visible of you in the dark is your inner outline (inline?). Black clothes work best. Want just the glasses? You got it! They can be worn alone or with the rest of the costume. You can choose from eight different colors.

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Stick Man Costume

Unlike the above option, this outfit doesn't require your own clothes. It is a jumpsuit with the white lights attached. You'll look like a true stick figure man or woman in this costume!

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Interactive Glow Stick Costume For Kids

This costume is the perfect size for children. This is a slightly different take on the traditional stick man, and it is also interactive. The suit is covered with velcro and comes with 50 glow sticks that you can apply however you want on the suit. Kids will love coming up with different designs with the lights.

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Hang Man Stick Figure Costume

This is the ultimate take on a person made with a single line, a hangman. We've all played the game and now you can walk around as this beloved character that is sure to be recognized by anyone who sees you.

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