Tinker Bell Costume

If you asked a room full of people to think of a fairy and then tell you what she looks like, chances are that the majority of the people would describe a fairy who looks just like Tinker Bell. Thanks to Disney's film adaptation of Peter Pan and all subsequent movies that feature either Peter or Tink, Tinker Bell has become the face of fairies for children and grownups alike.

Tinker Bell (sometimes called Tinkerbell or Tinker Belle) is very good at mending kettles and pots. Her name came from this ability, as in, she is a tinkerer. Tink's voice sounds like a bell tinkering, and she can only be understood by other fairies or anyone who knows the language of fairies.

When it comes to emotions, Tinker Bell can be angry, jealous, and spoiled, as well as kind, happy, and helpful. Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie explained in her stories that fairies are so small that they can experience only one emotion at a time. Therefore, when Tinker Bell gets angry, she has no room for kindness. In other words, it seems that isn't Tink's fault that she is often spoiled and petty.

Costumes For Women

If you are a woman who wants a Tinkerbell costume then you are going to have a ton of dresses to choose from! There are at least 10 different Tinker Bell outfits, maybe more. Each outfit is green and comes with wings. Some of the costumes also include a wand and/or a tiara.

Tinkerbell costume for women

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Costumes For Girls

I like the costumes for women, but I absolutely love the Tinker Bell costumes for girls! They are beautiful, colorful, and fun. Just about all of them include wings, and many of the dresses include a wand and/or tiara.

Tinkerbell costume for girls

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Costumes For Toddlers

What toddler can resist dressing up as a beautiful fairy? Not many! There are just as many different dresses for toddlers as there are for girls. Imagine the fun they will have pretending to fly around the room in their fairy dress.

The images seen below are three of my favorite costumes. Each image will take you to Amazon where you can choose from all the different Tinker Bell costumes for toddlers.

Tinkerbell costume for toddlers

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Costumes For Babies

The Tinkerbell baby costumes are absolutely adorable! You can complete the costume by adding white tights and white or green shoes.

Tinkerbell costume for babies

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Tinker Bell is most commonly seen with blond hair that is done in a kind of bun on the top of her head. There are some women and children who have blond hair long enough to be put up into a bun, but for those of you who don't, you can wear a wig. There are Tinker Bell wigs for both women and children.

Wig for a Tinkerbell costume

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Most of the Tinker Bell costumes do not include shoes. You'll want to wear green shoes with some type of pom poms or decoration on the toes to be as authentic as possible with your costume. As of this writing there is only one style for women, but there are a lot to choose from for children.

Shoes for a Tinkerbell costume

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