Top Rated Fog Machine

Get Into the Halloween Spirit With a Fog Machine!

Have you ever noticed that some of the scariest scenes in your favorite movies always involve fog and swirling mist? This is because fog creates just the right atmosphere for the villain to emerge and do his terrible deeds! It also provides the perfect cover for the evil doer to vanish into without a trace! Nothing seems to create the right setting for a chills and thrills like a nice, thick fog!

Swirling mists and spooky Halloween scenes go hand-in-hand when it comes to setting the right mood! If you enjoy Halloween, why not go all out this year and create a spooky graveyard? Complete with generated fog, you're sure to wow your visitors! Imagine a menacing layer of mist swirling over the ground. Maybe you can even add a few comical headstones to add to the spookiness. Fog can also make any creepy scene you've set up in the yard look even scarier.

Adding fog to Halloween decorating can be fun whether indoors or out and doesn't have to be a chore. It can help create just the right environment for trick-or-treaters or partygoers to have a really good time. Don't worry, you don't' need to be a special effects wizard to pull this off. There are a wide range of affordable and easy to use fog machines available to buy nowadays.

What Kind of Machine Should You Buy? (Liquid Fog vs. Dry Ice)

Finding a fog machine to purchase really isn't that difficult. Most machines come it two varieties: Liquid Fog or Dry Ice. Liquid fog is a safe and non-toxic formula that is simply poured into the fog machine. It produces a thick fog, which swirls around objects. It also has a tendency to be dense and long lasting. Dry Ice machines use 'dry ice' (a solid form of carbon monoxide) to produce an artificial fog. Dry ice tends to be expensive and hard to get. It's also more difficult to store. You'll need a cooler or a freeze to keep it cold before use. In general, liquid fog machines are lighter weight, easier to set up, and much simpler to use.

How To Use a Fog Machine

When using a fog machine indoors, you do want to ensure there is plenty of ventilation. This is so the fog can disperse naturally, and not be too thick. Liquid fog solution is made from water and a special compound called glycol. Fog machines work by passing the liquid solution over a heating coil. The generated fog is then blown out of a special nozzle, at the front of the machine. Liquid fog is generally very safe to use, but be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter. It can be drying, so people who have breathing issues may report discomfort. However, liquid fog shouldn't cause serious issues or problems. If you are using a fog machine indoors, you may want to post a sign that fog machine is in use. That way people who are chemically sensitive or having issues like asthma will be notified.

If you want your fog to be very thick and cling to the ground, there are special attachments you can purchase. These are referred to as 'fog chillers'. They work by cooling the fog, so that it doesn't disperse so quickly upon hitting the air. The produced fog is much thicker and will hover close to the ground, rather than swirling in the air. If you've decided to purchase your own machine, the good news is there are a variety of great options.

The Top Rated Fog Machine

I looked at the various fog machines that are for sale on Amazon, of which there are a lot! and found the one that has the highest ratings. The 1Byone Fog 700W Machine has an awesome rating from people who have bought it. As of this writing, the rating is almost 4.5 out of 5 stars and has been rated by over 80 people!

If you want to create long lasting fog, avoid the cheaper 400 watt machines. While these usually cost somewhere between $25 to $40, they really won't produce a nice quality fog. What you want is a nice 700+ watt fog machine. That is why I like the 700 watt 1Byone Fog Machine. At just around 4lbs ' it's lightweight and portable enough to use just about anywhere. Many satisfied customers have reported that it also puts out a great deal of fog for its size. Also, it's a favorite machine for use by photographers and independent film makers. This is due to the how easy it is to set up and use.