Ursula Costume

Ursula the sea witch is willing to take as many unfortunate souls as she can get her hands (and tentacles) on. She is ruthless and uncaring, making it a lot of fun to dress up in an Ursula costume!

There are a couple variations on Ursula costumes but they all have certain characters in common. Ursula was a sort of octopus and has a lot of tentacles. Ursula dresses have tentacles around the bottom of the skirts. They are black with purple accents on the underside of the tentacles.

You can customize your costume by wearing long black gloves, which add a touch of elegance to the outfit. Ursula's hair was white so you can wear a white wig to complete your costume. Ariel the mermaid won't have a chance when you offer to help her find her true love.


Ursula costume dress

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Wig for an Ursula costume

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Black Gloves

Black gloves for an Ursula costume

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Shell Necklace

Sea shell necklace for an Ursula costume

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