Veronica Corningstone Costume

Veronica Corningstone is an anchor woman who Ron Burgundy very much wanted. She is blonde, beautiful, and surprisingly smart.

Ron tries to hook up with Veronica, but his sexist personality didn't do much for Veronica. However, Ron was persistent and she finally agreed to go out for a meal with him. They start a relationship that she wants to keep secret, but Ron promptly told to anyone who was listening on his nightly television broadcast.

Ron and Veronica broke up, but they had to maintain a professional relationship when she was forced to work with Ron. Veronica does her best to make Ron look like a fool, something she succeeds at frequently (granted, it isn't difficult!), but in the end, she came to care for Ron.


Veronica's hair is long, blond, and very 70s. Think of her as a news version of Farrah Fawcett. Either of these wigs will be perfect for your Veronica Corningstone costume.

Veronica Corningstone wig

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Pink Dress Suit

The outfits worn by Veronica were mostly dress suits, but her iconic outfit was pink.

Pink business suit for a Veronica Corningstone costume

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I've chosen beige shoes to go with the pink suit for a few reasons. First, beige was very popular in the 70s, so the color is appropriate. Second, it matches with the suit.

Beige heels for a Veronica Corningstone costume

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