Voldemort Costume

From his face and hands to his wand, snake, and horcrux ring, here are all the things you need for a Lord Voldemort costume.

If you want to dress in a Voldemort costume (or, as some people spell it, Voldimort), then take a look at the items I have gathered together that will transform you into this wizard villain.

Lord Voldemort. The name few wizards dare to speak out loud. But he was not born with this name. Instead, he took his birth name of Tom Marvolo Riddle and mixed up all the letters to come up with his new name. The actual anagram for his birth name is I am Lord Voldemort, which was shortened simply to Lord Voldemort.

The reason why Voldemort changed his name was because he hated the name Tom. There are several reasons why he hated his name: First, it was the name of his despised muggle father, Tom Riddle. Second, the name Tom is very common, and Voldemort believed that there was nothing common about himself. Voldemort shed the name Tom as a teenager, when he embraced his new identity.

As Harry learns more and more about Voldemort, he comes to realize that there are many similarities between the two of them. They were both orphaned as babies, they are both half-blood wizards, they both have the rare ability to talk to snakes (a language known as Parselmouth or Parseltongue), and their wands share phoenix feathers taken from the same bird.

This knowledge disturbed Harry for a good long time. It was only as he matured that Harry realized that Dumbledore was right. Choices make us who we are, not our abilities. Harry made choices that Voldemort would have never done, with Harry’s most important choice being his selfless love for his friends. Harry ultimately realized that Voldemort was incapable of any type of selfless act, or of loving another human or creature, with the possible exception being Voldemort’s snake, Nagini.

Lord Voldemort Costume

There is an officially licensed Voldemort costume, and it comes in both adult and child sizes. When you buy the costume you will get the black wizard’s robe and face mask. Hands and wand are sold separately (see below).

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Want to really look like the Dark Lord? Then you will need to wear this frighteningly realistic mask! It is made of latex, and shows Voldemort in all his horrendous glory. This is a more realistic looking mask than the one that comes with the costume (see above), so consider wearing this one instead of that one.

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Neither the Voldemort costume nor the replica robe come with the latex hands seen here. These are a must to complete your outfit. The costume hands accentuate the Dark Lord’s naturally long fingers, and show the veins that were visible just beneath his skin.

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The wand Tom Riddle bought from Olivander’s did not look like the wand you see here. It looked like an ordinary wizard’s wand (and you can buy that wand by clicking the image to the left). But, as I wrote above, Voldemort did not consider himself ordinary. After he transformed himself, Voldemort also transformed his wand by adding the grotesque bone handle and shaft. Creepy!

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Tom Riddle's Diary

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley both learned the hard way that not all magic is good magic. As a teenager, Tom Riddle created what was probably his second horcrux from his personal diary. You can accentuate your Voldemort costume by carrying around this diary. And, yes, it is a real journal so you can write in it if you want. Beware, however, if it starts to write back…

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Horcrux Ring

The first horcrux Tom Riddle made was from the ring he stole from his uncle. Unbeknownst to Tom/Voldemort, the ring was made from the magical Death Stone, and had the ability to make the dead return to the living realm. Had he know what it was, Voldemort wouldn’t have used it. There was no one who he cared about to consider bringing them back. Tom only wanted the ring because it was unique, like him, and was an heirloom passed down from father to son in his mother’s family.

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By the fourth Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Voldemort was rarely seen without his giant snake, Nagini. We later learned that Nagini was his last horcrux, which explains why Voldemort kept her so close to him. Be sure to buy a plush snake that is at least 40″ long for your costume, and drape her casually around your neck.

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Video Tribute For Lord Voldemort

This video does an excellent job of building up the tension. It doesn’t actually show a lot of Voldemort, but that is fitting because he allows others to do most of his dirty work. This video shows his devoted followers doing exactly that, and those who oppose the Death Eaters and Voldemort, doing battle.

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