Wendy Darling Costume

I have found several options for a Wendy Darling costume that will have you looking ready to fly away to Neverland this Halloween.

Wendy Darling is the oldest of the Darling children. She is on the verge of leaving childhood behind, but isn’t there quite yet. Because she is not ready to completely leave childhood behind her, Wendy was able to see and interact with Peter Pan. Meeting Peter was the beginning of a wonderful adventure that she and her brothers went on one night when their parents were out of the house, leaving Wendy in charge.

I always suspected that Wendy’s first crush was on Peter from all the stories she had read about him. Peter was daring, with a touch of brashness that she found appealing, which led to her crush.

When it comes to costumes for Wendy, there are a few options. Not many, mind you, but even if you don’t like the ones listed here, you may be able to find an outfit that works well, since Wendy’s dress is not complicated to replicate. The outfits seen here are all based on the Disney version of Wendy from their film, Peter Pan.

Wendy Costumes For Women

The only official costume for Wendy is for adult women. Wendy Darling’s dress is a simple, floor length blue gown. It is actually a nightgown, which explains why it is full length. Such gowns were proper for young girls to wear back when the movie was made, and for the time that Wendy was born into. A proper dress will look very modest

Wendy costume dress

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Wendy Dresses For Girls

There is no official costume for children. I have to admit that I had a difficult time finding a long blue dress or nightgown that looks just like the one worn by Wendy. If you are able to find a long, blue dress that has puffed sleeves locally, buy it!

I have done my best to locate dresses that are close enough in style to be worn by young girls who want to dress as Wendy for Halloween or for a trip to Disney. The dresses below are fancier than Wendy’s plain dress, but most little girls love to dress up and won’t mind at all that they look a bit like a princess version of Wendy Darling. On the left are ballerina style dresses and on the right are flower girl dresses.

Wendy dress for girls

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Wendy dress for girls

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Hair Bow

When you dress up as Wendy Darling, you will need to pull your hair back into a ponytail that sits in the middle of the back of your head. Finish your ponytail by tying a large blue bow to it. Ideally, the bow will be of the same color as your dress. One of the best things you can do is bring your dress to your local craft store, like Michaels or Joann’s, and match a large ribbon to the color of the dress. There are enough ribbons that you should be able to find a ribbon that either matches exactly, or comes very close in color.

If you prefer, you can buy a blue hair bow from Amazon and use that. There are plenty of different, pretty hair bows for you to choose from. Some are attached to ponytails, while others are clip bows.

Blue hair bow for a Wendy costume

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The shoes worn by Wendy are a black, flat ballet style shoe.

Black shoes for a Wendy costume

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Video Tribute to Wendy Darling and Peter Pan

The video below is a very sweet look at the innocent love between Wendy and Peter. The song choice is perfect – “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story 2.

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