Wickedly Fun Games For Halloween Parties

Games For HalloweenWhether you are planning a Halloween party or just looking for something fun to do as a family, you can find many great games that everyone can enjoy.

From the youngest members of your family to the oldest, everyone can take part in the games listed below.

Ghost Hunter

Try a game of Ghost Hunter! This game will get everyone up and out of their chairs to try their hand at being as sneaky and quiet as the ghosts of Halloween. To play, you put one player beside a pumpkin and blindfold him or her. This person is the ‘ghost hunter.’ All other players (the ghosts) are divided into teams and are given a sticker or glow bracelet of matching colors per team. The goal of the game is for each ghost to sneak up to the pumpkin and place their item on it without being heard. If the hunter hears them approaching, he calls out “stop ghost” and points toward where he thinks the ghost is coming from. If he has pointed in the right direction, that ghost is out of the game. The team with the most items on the pumpkin at the end of the game wins.

Monster Walk

Get a bag of apples and go out on a Monster Walk! This game requires teams of 2. Start one team member with the apple 30 feet from the other. Have them place the apple between their knees, raises their arms above their head and attempt to make it across to their partner. It is then the partner’s turn to make the monster walk back to where the first player started. If the apple is dropped in route, the player must go back to where they started from and start again. The first team to successfully make it to the finish wins.

Squirmy Worm Dive

Ever gone diving for worms with your mouth? Give the Squirmy Worm Dive a shot! Each player gets a paper plate that has three gummy worms covered with whipped cream on it. Players are only allowed to use their mouth to dig into the whipped cream and dig for their worms. The first person to find all of the worms in the mess wins.

Build A Scarecrow

Get creative while Building a Scarecrow! Gather up enough supplies to allow teams to get really creative with their scarecrow. Find some old pants, shirts, different types of stuffing, broomsticks or poles and whatever else you can find that you think could be used to build a scarecrow. Once the construction is done, have everyone at the party vote on which is the best. You can create different categories for the contest. Have a winner for the funniest, scariest, weirdest, ugliest or whatever you can think of. This game is all about creativity and fun, so there are no limits to what you can do with it.

Nobody will be bored at a Halloween party when you use the games listed above. Surely, everyone can find at least one game that they will want to participate in. Let the games begin at your next wickedly fun Halloween gathering!

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