Wooden Rolling Pin With Skull Pattern

I love this wooden rolling pin with skull pattern designs on it and think it would be perfect for making Halloween cookies! I can almost smell the wonderfully sweet fragrance of baked goods while just looking at the picture.

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This is handmade from beech wood and the images are laser etched onto it. It is then hand polished and protected using a food grade oil that is organic. It measures 15.8 inches long, which includes the handles. The end result is something worthy of displaying on your countertop!

Those who gets into the October holiday and enjoys baking will appreciated the spooky addition to their kitchens. This is something that will be cherished year after year.

What impresses me most about this is how the etched images are dark, which shows up gorgeously on the light wood. It is both spooky and elegant all at the same time.

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